Séminaire : « A global overview of marine heatwaves, mechanisms and impacts »


Séminaire UMR 241 Secopol
Vendredi 26 janvier 2024 à 10h30
Amphithéatre du pôle Recherche
Université de la Polynésie française

Marine heatwaves can have devastating consequences for marine ecosystems and organisms. Studies have shown that marine heatwaves can cause extensive coral bleaching, substantial declines in kelp forests and seagrass meadows, mortality of molluscs and farmed aquaculture species, and considerable changes to wild fisheries catch distributions.
This talk will combine a lecture and seminar to outline our current understanding of the mechanisms and impacts of marine heatwaves. In the first part of the talk, i will consider several important questions. What are marine heatwaves and how impactful can they be? What are the physical processes that cause them? How have marine heatwaves changed over the past century? What do we know about their potential predictability? In the second part of the talk, i will present results from some recent collaborative research on marine heatwaves in the tropical western and central south pacific ocean, including their impacts and future projections.